Zero-Waste Deodorant Bar - Grapefruit Bergamot


The word's first completely zero-waste Deodorant. In a bar. Comes in an FSC certified, recyclable paper box, wrapped in compostable grease-proof paper. Instead of plastic, we have covered the bottom of the bars in a sustainable, waste-free wax mold. The wax mold allows you to hold the deodorant in your hands and apply the deodorant without mess. Cleo+Coco award-winning deodorants combine natural charcoal with botanicals for protection that lasts all day. Activated charcoal cleanses and purifies skin while absorbing odor. Magnesium-rich bentonite clay removes impurities on skin’s surface while infusing your skin with a much-needed mineral. And plant powders absorb excess moisture.

No underarm detox required, our deodorants work from day 1 and support your body's health. Our high-performance natural deodorants glide effortlessly onto skin with a creamy feel and no stickiness. The clear formula will not cake on skin or stain clothing. You’ll stay odor-free througout the day.

Made in United States of America

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