You're Nice Spiral Card


This is a set of cards designed to concisely summarize an emotional spiral that you might be having. ⁣⁣⁣
💕 You’re nice. ⁣⁣⁣
✨Friendship! More than friendship!✨⁣⁣
Sometimes people are nice! This card can be for friends or your “more than friends” friends. If you think someone is pretty cool, you should tell them. Or get ‘em a card..⁣
Say all the things. Also in the absence of a beautiful speech, give this card to a human you know.

”You’re the reason I smile most of the day. I am better for knowing you and having you in my life directly affects everything from my first moments awake to my last thoughts before bed. I feel complete with you in my life, and I would be utterly lost without you. Even the thought of spending a moment without you makes me want to walk straight into the ocean. You are entirely made up of superlative qualities, the list of characteristics you possess is remarkable and you irrefutably make the world a better place. You are genuinely stunning, inside and out, it’s a true miracle knowing you and I’m grateful for your existence every single day, you’re so cool I could think about your coolness all day long.”

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