XOXO Special Valentine's Coffee | 300g


Tasting Profile & Structure

Red Licorice | Rose | Chocolate Strawberries | Vibrant: bright, dynamic

How do we feel about this coffee?
If there is such a thing as our first true “coffee” love, this coffee comes close. It feels like sharing a pack of red licorice at the movies on your first date, fresh strawberries dipped in melted chocolate and getting a fresh bouquet of roses from a secret admirer.

Coffee Story

Grown in the famous Nansebo, Sidamo region of Ethiopia by local farmers and processed at the Bulega Kebele washing stations, this naturally processed heirloom coffee  is handpicked at peak ripeness and sorted by hand as the coffee dries on raised beds.Nansebo is somewhat rural, mainly located within the Harenna forest, where coffee still grows wild underneath natural forest cover. Here on the edge of the Harenna forest are very high altitudes, with coffee growing at up to 2200 MASL due to the forest's protection. This leads to conditions perfect for producing high-quality Arabica coffees, with cool temperatures and especially cool nights leading to slow cherry maturation and very dense seeds.

Origin Nansebo, Sidamo, Ethiopia
Variety Heirloom
Process Natural
Producer Various
Farm Various
Altitude 1900 to 2200 MASL
Washing Station Bulega Kebele

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