Wush Wush, Ethiopia


Roast - Filter
Style/Profile - Elegant
Structure - Elegant
Region - Ethiopia

How do we feel about this coffee?
It feels luxurious, sparkly and sweet, like a day at the spa, popping open a bottle of champagne and relaxing poolside while sipping lemon tea in the soft, warm breeze.

Coffee Story
Grown in the “birthplace of coffee” near the Agama river, near the village of Wush Wush in the Ginbo district of the Keffa Zone, this coffee is made up of local landraces which are adapted from the Wush Wush variety. The lots are grown by 2500 “garden farmers” who produce coffee in the “garden” areas around their homes. They often harvest cherries from coffee occurring naturally on the land where they live and bring their coffee cherry to Dinkalem Ademe’s and his wife, Sofiya’s washing station. 

Origin Details
Region: Ginbo, Keffa, Ethiopia
Farm: Various
Variety: 75/210 and 74/212, smaller quantities of 74/110 and 74/165 and local Landrace varieties, naturally adapted from the Wush Wush variety
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1850 to 1950 MASL
Producer: Various smallholders
Washing Station: Dinkalem Ademe

Brewing Recipes
Drip | 17g: 1g | 20g coffee | 340g water | 3 min ( V60)
Immersion | 16g: 1g
Espresso | 2.5g : 1g | 18g coffee | 48g beverage | 29 seconds
Peak Rest time: 5 to 30 days off roast

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