VERANO Botanical Facial Serum


Pamper your skin with this delicate blend of botanicals that will have you living in a summer state of mind all year round! Formulated with a blend of Cherry, Apricot & Passion Fruit Oils, our facial serum will nourish your skin, balance oiliness, restore dry areas, diminish fine lines, assist in healing acne scarring & sun damage whilst leaving your skin moisturized & refreshed for an overall vibrant & dewy appearance.

BEST USE: On clean skin, massage 3-6 drops into your face & neck in an upward motion in the morning & night to receive full benefit. 

Suitable for all skin types.  


Cherry Oil

 - Rich in Vitamins A & E  

 - Improves dry skin

 - Assists in reducing large pores

 - Helps to diminish fine lines & wrinkles

Passion Fruit Oil

 - Rich in fatty acids and nutrients  

 - Anti-inflammatory

 - Source of Vitamins A, C

 - Highly Moisturizing

Geranium Essential Oil  

 - Beautiful Floral Scent

 - Brightens Skin

 - Even out skin tone

 - Tightens Pores

 - Promotes cell regeneration

 - Anti-aging

 - Calms irritated skin due to acne inflammation, skin rashes, eczema & rosacea  



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