Thunderpeel Espresso


Tamp it ‘n slam it: this is not your Sunday sipper. Blindingly true to form and spine-straighteningly satisfying. 

Our classic espresso pairs perfectly with milk or holds its own as a stand alone sipper. This bold medium roast espresso blend is what our baristas are pulling all day long, carefully cultivating that ultimate shot you know and love. 

Craft your own café experience at home the way we brew it in KW:

Pull 15-16 grams of finely ground coffee for 28-32 seconds for a delicious double shot of espresso

Play around with this recipe to find the best ratio for your unique palette and start your day with that perfect first sip

Thunderpeel Blend

Component 1: BRAZIL

Origin | São Paulo, Brazil      

Farm | Fazenda Laranjal

Altitude | 1000-1200m

Variety | Bourbon

Process | Natural

Component 2: COSTA RICA

Origin | Tarrazú and Leon Cortes regions

Coop | La Pastora Tarrazú

Altitude | 1,500-1,800 masl

Variety | Caturra and Catuai

Process | Washed and sun dried

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