Teshome Gemechu, Ethiopia - 300g


A fresh and juicy profile with floral aromatics that lead to a tea-like texture and juicy flavours of peach, iced tea and honey on the finish.

Grown in the acclaimed Gedeo zone in the Gedeb region of Ethiopia comes another stunner from the Chelbesa hamlet. This is just one of those famous coffee areas we’ve come to adore, the area is known for coffees with delicate floral aromatics, tea-like textures and clean citrus-forward flavour profiles and this year's lot is no different. This specific lot is made up of regional 74110, Dega and Wolisho local landraces that are grown by local smallholder farmers in naturally occurring semi-forested or garden conditions in the Gedeo Zone and processed at the Teshome Gemechu Washing station. Once handpicked at peak ripeness the cherry is brought to the washing station to be washed, fermented for 48 hours and dried on raised beds for 20 days.

Region: Gedeb, Gedeo
Farm: Various Smallholders
Variety: Dega, 74110, Wolisho
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1900 to 2200 MASL
Producer: Various
Washing Station: Teshome Gemechu

Brew Ratio: 17g: 1g
Peak Rest time: 3 to 30 days off roast


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