Sweater Weather 300g



A smooth and balanced profile with warming aromatics of soft citrus and dried fruits makes way to a heavy texture and layered notes of Gala apple, toasted hazelnut and caramel candies.


Like that cozy feeling of layering up in your favourite sweater and a jean jacket for the first time, this limited fall blend is super comforting and packs all our nostalgic fall feelings into a cup! The specific blend combines a Bourbon variety grown in the Huehuetenango region of Northern Guatemala and a Caturra from the Huila region of Colombia. It's our go-to coffee on a brisk fall morning or as a hand-warming and slow sipping companion in the afternoon. Each coffee is roasted separately and then blended post-roast.

FUN FIND:  just for fun, we're treating this release like an old pack of collectors cards, and dressing this coffee up with 3 different patterned labels and switching it up at random, so you'll never know which one you're getting.  Collect them all!


Origin: Huehuetenango, Guatemala + Huila, Colombia
VARIETAL: Bourbon + Caturra
PRODUCER: Various Smallholders
FARM: Various


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