Regular Pads - Bamboo


Our eco-friendly, regular sized ultra thin maxi pads keep you leak-free and confident no matter what your day has in store. We use bamboo pulp instead of wood and cotton because it's 15% more absorbent, grows quickly and requires less water to produce. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, they won’t irritate your skin and create less waste than traditional plastic maxis. The entire pad is biodegradable, even the sleeve. Designed with wings so they stay in place, they're comfortable, convenient and take up hardly any room in your bag. Our regular sized maxi pads are ideal for medium flow days. What’s in it: biodegradable bamboo. What’s not in it: plastic, perfume, latex, chlorine and irritating ingredients. It’s all good: This product is made of sustainable bamboo and is tree free.

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