Quebrada Grande, Costa Rica Espresso 300g


Tasting Profile & Structure

Tangerine | Buttery | Baker's Chocolate | Balanced: layered, structured

Why we love this coffee

It feels rich and timeless, like french toast for breakfast, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and buttery pain au chocolat from your favourite French bakery.

Coffee Story
Quebrada Grande comes to us from the Calderon family, the same award-winning producer Ricardo, whom we have worked with for over seven years with lots from El Vendaval and Los Girasoles. The Calderon family has worked in the Dota Valley in Tarrazu, Costa Rica, for three generations. His family owns multiple farms and their micro mill Los Angeles, where they process coffee from their farms. This year, Detour has purchased almost 20% of Quebrada Grande farms’ total production, which sits at the extremely high elevation of approximately 1850 to 2000 MASL in some areas.

Origin Copey de Dota, Tarrazu,
Variety Cataui
Process White Honey
Producer Calderon Family
Farm Quebrada Grande
Altitude 1850 to 2000 MASL
Micromill Los Angeles

Brewing Recipes

Ratio Coffee Water Time
Drip 16g : 1g 20g 320g 3min (V60)
Espresso 2.2g :1g 18g 40g 27 seconds
Immersion 15g : 1g
Peak Rest Time 5 to 35 days off roast

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