Punch Buggy Espresso 300g



A rich and balanced profile with sugar browning aromatics leading to a syrupy texture and sweet notes of deep chocolate, hazelnut and cherry.


Like the classic VW beetle, Punch Buggy is unique, friendly, and suits all occasions. As Detour’s flagship coffee, this blend is built around the love of coffees from the Cachoeira da Grama farm in Brazil, Punch Buggy maintains a Brazil base while rotating fresh, vibrant seasonal Central American coffees through the blend.


Origin: Cachoeira da Grama, Brazil + Huila, Colombia
Variety: Bourbon + Various
Altitude: 1200 to 1800 MASL
Processing: Natural + Washed
Producer: Gabriel de Carvhalo Dios + Various Smallholders
Farm: Cachoeira da Grama + Various


Brew Ratio | 16:1
Espresso Ratio | 2:1, 18g in 36g out 27 seconds
Peak Rest Time | 5-30 days off roast

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