Peppers & Pickles Hot Sauce | The Hot Sauce Co.


Our Peppers & Pickles hot sauce is a mild, tangy explosion of flavour all in one bite.

2022 Scovie Award’s – 2nd place in the Verde category.

It's sour, tangy, and spicy! Jalapenos and tomatillos are combined with a pickling brine we created to wake up your taste buds.

Made with jalapeños, vinegar, tomatillos, onions, garlic, and mixed spices.

- Natural

- Gluten Free

- Vegan

- Made in Ontario

200 ml.


The Vision Behind The Hot Sauce Co.

The Hot Sauce Co. is the vision for the future of spicy products with unquestionable quality. We have long-term goals of growing our own produce and always keeping the small-batch, in-house bottling you’ve grown to know and trust. This company is about showing people that flavour and heat are friends with benefits in the right combination. It’s about showing people that hot sauce, real hot pepper sauce, has great benefits when you include it in your diet.

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