Passagem de Pedra, Brazil


There’s just something about naturally processed coffees from Brazil that just oozes “perfect breakfast coffee” vibes and this one might be one of the best we’ve tasted. Super balanced, sweet, rich and creamy with all the toasted nut and sweet fruit flavours we know and love from Brazil.

Coffee Story
Fazenda Passagem de Pedra is located in the Ressaca community in the Piatã, Bahia region of Brazil. The farm itself is energized by the waters of the Rio de Contas, with 7 hectares of Catuaí mixed between red and yellow growing. It has a pulper, the main house, worker housing and a warehouse for production, inputs and tools. The farm has a cement patio, part of which is covered with a greenhouse. The coffee is picked by hand, then passes through the washer and pulper. Drying is done on covered cement patios.

Brewing Recipes
Drip | 16g: 1g | 20g coffee | 320g water | 3 min ( V60)
Immersion | 15g : 1g
Espresso | 2.4g : 1g | 18g coffee | 43.2g beverage | 28 seconds
Peak Rest time: 5 to 30 days off roast


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