No Punch Backs Half Caf Blend 300g



Tasting Profile and Structure

Caramel | Dark Chocolate | Cherry | Balanced: layered, structured

Why we love this coffee

We love coffee a little too much sometimes and this gets us out of a bind!! It's got all the rich chocolatey aromatics and flavours of caramel, dark chocolate and cherry we could ask for but with 50% less caffeine!! ½

No Punch Backs is an homage to our love of cafe crawls and keeping a steady stream of coffee flowing all through the day without going overboard. With just enough of a dose of caffeinated coffee to keep you adequately caffeinated all day long, it’s a smart and comforting blend of coffees from Brazil and Colombia that combine to create a coffee that's 50% less caffeinated but still packs loads of flavour. No punch backs is a perfect daily choice if you’re looking for that late afternoon coffee or just want to keep refilling that favourite mug all day long.


Origin Brazil Mogiana & Colombia Huila
Variety Various
Process Washed & Washed/ E.A. Decaffeinated
Producer Gabriel de Carvhelo Dias & Various
Farm Cachoeira da Grama & Various
Altitude 1200 to 1850 MASL

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