Nicaragua Las Cumbres Espresso 300g



Tasting Profile and Structure

Red Plum | Hazelnut | Chocolate | Balanced: layered, structured

How do we feel about this coffee

It feels like opening up a tin of assorted after-dinner cookies with cozy flavours of butter, chocolate, wafers, and dried fruits. It’s got the perfect rich texture and profile for a great espresso, on its own or with a little splash of milk.


Finca Las Cumbres is located in Limay, Estelí, Nicaragua and is run by Producer Walter Jose Picada Perez. The farm sits between 1150 and 1200 MASL and was initially purchased as a small parcel of land by Walter’s grandfather. Over time, with the help of his wife, they were able to grow basic grains and sugar cane, as well as raise livestock, purchasing more and more land each year. Walter, who runs the farm with his three brothers and mother, is now the third generation to work this land. Walter processes all of the coffee grown on the farm at Beneficio Las Segovias. To produce high quality, they maintain agricultural practices, proper fertilization schedules, and a plan to prevent diseases often found within coffee plantations while considering preserving the environment. He even pays higher than standard wages, lending money without interest to some workers producing coffee. This support he lends to the community is really important as many of these workers' main incomes are off the land and the standard interest rates that they can find elsewhere are so high that they eat into basically all of their profits.

Origin Limay, Estelí, Nicaragua
Variety Caturra
Process Washed
Producer Walter Jose Picada Perez
Farm Finca Las Cumbres
Altitude 1150 – 1250 MASL

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