Marine Collagen Booster

About This Product

Looking for a super clean, sustainable marine collagen? This collagen is sourced from beautiful Nova Scotia, made sustainably from wild-caught fish from the North Atlantic. Many studies show that collagen can help support the health of joints, skin, hair and nails. Make this collagen part of your routine by adding it to any beverage or food of your choice.

 Because it’s tasteless and odourless, it also works great in coffee, tea, water, yogurt or pretty much anything you can cook or bake.

This collagen booster is made with a hint of coconut oil for a small dose of brain energizing medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and a rich, enjoyable texture. To avoid clumping, make sure to whisk, shake, or blend.

Hydrolized wild-caught North Atlantic fish collagen, coconut oil.

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