Decaf La Serrania, Colombia | 300g


Tasting Profile & Structure

Green Grape | Brown Sugar | Golden Raisin | Balanced: layered, structured

How do we feel about this coffee?
It feels like crisp green grapes on a spring day, sprinkling brown sugar on banana muffins and spending the afternoon at Grandma’s house baking your favourite treat.

Coffee Story

Decaf La Serranía is grown along a set of mountains within the central cordillera of the Andes in the Huila region by more than 50 small parcel producers. Once freshly picked, the blend of Caturra and Colombia varieties is carefully hand-sorted and processed at each farm, with particular attention paid to the drying process.

Once grown and processed at each farm, La Serranía is naturally decaffeinated at the origin using the E.A method. This natural decaffeination method used ethyl acetate derived 100% from sugar cane mixed with mountain water, removing 99.7% of the caffeine. The Natural EA process helps preserve most of the original flavours of the coffee while adding some complexity to the cup.

Origin Huila, Colombia
Variety Caturra, Colombia
Process Washed, E.A Decaffeinated
Producer Various Smallholders
Farm Various
Altitude 1500 to 1900 MASL

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