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When it comes to amazing coffee green, Mexico is a bit of a newcomer on the world stage. There is so much that goes into producing quality coffee, and it takes time to develop and fine-tune these processes. Camilo Merizalde has been on a 20+ year journey to produce this coffee, he has brought the most advanced farming and post-harvest processing techniques from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Brazil to Mexico.

This coffee was first rinsed, dried, and then barrel aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels at origin, in a new process called Barrel Aromatic Modulation. After aging they go through a more traditional drying process on raised beds. The result is a very complex and funky coffee which reminds us of Granada liqueur.

Country: Mexico
Region: Ixhuatlan del Café, Veracruz
Producer: Santuario Process Center
Importer: Root 86
Varietals: Bourbon
Elevation:  1450 - 1500m
Process: Barrel aromatic modulation
Reminds us of: pomegranate liqueur

250g- whole bean

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