Face Moisturizer


No matter what skin type you have, we’ve got you covered with our revitalizing face moisturizer for all skin types. It’s formulated to help improve skin tone, dullness, and the appearance of fine lines. Rich in vitamins and packed with antioxidants, this face moisturizer reduces moisture loss to keep skin replenished and supply throughout the day. Ylang-ylang and frankincense essential oils work together to naturally slow the signs of aging skin so your face can maintain its youthful glow.


Key Ingredients:

Bergamot Essential Oil – Naturally anti-inflammatory, tones skin, and soothes skin irritations

Lavender Essential Oil – Calms and uplifts while keeping skin feeling clean with its antibacterial and antifungal properties

Frankincense Essential Oil – Combats aging and congested skin while also reducing mental and emotional negativity

Ylang-ylang Essential Oil – Helps to regulate sebum production and great for dry, oily, or combination skin


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