El Sauce, Ecuador 300g


Why we love this coffee

There are so many layers to the flavour spectrum that every sip has us tasting something different. One time you’ll get that crisp gala apple-like acidity, the next a whole bunch of salted caramel candy sweetness, the next a big wave of juicy apricots. It’s like a page-turning adventure book!!

Coffee Story
El Sauce comes from Quilanga, Loja in the North of Ecuador. It is a communal lot of coffees produced by Alonzo Jimenez, Abel Cueva and Mario Guerrero. The elevations in this region sit between 1,700 and 2,000 m.a.s.l, one of the highest in Quilanga. Our importing partners The Coffee Quest decided to name this lot after the town of El Sauce in the hopes of giving notoriety to one of the country's oldest coffee-growing regions. In 2012, like many regions of Ecuador, Quilanga suffered from serious leaf rust. Many producers lost a large part of their production, but due to the elevations in El Sauce, many of them were able to maintain a large part of their Typica plots, or "Criollo," as they call the variety locally. This is not The Coffee Quest’s first year working with coffees out of Quilanga, but it is their first year creating a communal lot. They hope to dive deeper into the region, grow this collective lot as a coffee and quality representative of the area, and separate out smallholder micro-lots. This lot comprises Typica and Bourbon (70%), with the remaining a mix of Pacas, San Salvador and Catimor (30%). The regional harvest period is between May and August. The producers generally follow a similar fermentation and drying process: 24 hours de-pulped, followed by 10-12 days drying, depending on the weather.

Brewing Recipes
Brew Ratio: 17g: 1g
Espresso Ratio: 2.5g : 1g
Peak Rest time: 5 to 35 days off roast

Origin Quilanga, Loja, Ecuador
Variety Typica, Bourbon
Process Washed
Producer Alonzo Jimenez, Abel Cueva and Mario Guerrero
Farm Various
Altitude 1700 to 2000 MASL


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