Don Cayito, Costa Rica | 300g


Tasting Profile & Structure

Cashew | Yellow Plum | Sugar Cane | Elegant: delicate, nuanced

How do we feel about this coffee?

It feels like a bowl of honey-roasted cashews and reruns of your fave sitcom, a basket of fresh yellow plums in the dead of winter, and heading back to your hometown after being away too long.

Coffee Story

Don Cayito comes to us from the Calderon family, who have worked in the Santa Maria de Dota Valley in Tarrazu for three generations. The family owns fifteen farms and a micro mill where they process their coffees called Los Angeles. The coffee farms are located at 1650 to 2100 masl in a beautiful landscape of steep slopes that protect the crops from the Atlantic weather but allow the ocean breeze from the Pacific. The region is known as a land of exceptional coffee, not only for its soil characteristics but also for its coffee farmers' experience and hard work.

This particular lot is classic white honey processed Catuai, where the cherries were harvested and then de-pulped using a mechanical demucilager until most of the pulp was removed. Then, the parchment is sent to the drying area until the moisture content has reached a stable value between 10-11%. Temperatures can be colder at many micro mills in Tarrazu due to the high elevations so drying can take many days.

Origin Dota Valley, Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Variety Catuai
Process White Honey
Producer Calderon Family
Farm Don Cayito
Altitude 1750 to 2000 MASL
Micromill Los Angeles

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