Conditioner - Dry


This super-hydrator is a luxurious mix of strengthening proteins, beneficial vitamins, and tamanu+camellia oils, leaving hair shinier, healthier, and softer with every rinse.

Hair: TO112 dry hair conditioner is specifically formulated for hair in need of extra moisture. Whether your hair is naturally dry, color-treated, frizz-prone, curly, coarse, chemically abused, and in need of repair - this conditioner hydrates hair from the inside out for smooth luxurious hair. Formulated with tamanu oil, camellia extract, and shea butter, dry hair conditioner increases flexibility and manageability in a never greasy formulation.

Foundation: Tamanu oil: long-cherished by french Polynesian women for its nourishing and moisturizing qualities to add shine and improve hair health.

Camellia extract: a symbol of purity, elegance, and love, the oil from the camellia plant is rich in bioactive antioxidants and beneficial vitamins, leaving hair healthy with a sleek shine.

Made in Canada


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