Come Back Snacks Double Coated Caramel Corn (250g)

The evidence is in, and its deliciousness is irrefutable! The arresting flavour of our rich, buttery, and crispy caramel puts this classic in solitary first place as simply THE BEST!

Ingredients: Sugars (sugar, glucose syrup, brown sugar), Popcorn, Butter (milk), Baking soda, Salt, Soya lecithin. May Contain: Peanuts, Sesame, Tree nuts.

They broke the law, but now they fix good snacks and support those in need of second chances. The idea for Comeback Snacks was forged while Emily O'Brien was still in prison where she was keenly aware of the tough challenges her fellow inmates and she faced in getting back on their feet. Since then, it has been the Comeback team’s mission to raise awareness for second chances, hire those in need of one when they can, and to support reintegration programs, with a share of profits allocated to like-minded causes as they grow the business.

Comeback Snacks are made with conviction. They blend clean, healthy, sustainable ingredients to make compellingly delicious recipes that offer a fresh take in the world of gourmet popcorn. Everyone deserves a Comeback!

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