Collagen Hair Mask - 12oz


A premium, collagen hair mask infused with tamanu and argan oils that boost shine. Keratin additives strengthen your locks while promoting hair growth.

Hair TO112 collagen hair mask is specially formulated with collagen to help restore damaged hair and give it the boost of strength, elasticity, and softness it needs. Whether the damage comes from a love of excessive color processing, heat styling, or simply the environment you live in; this mask nourishes to help hair feel new again. A consciously selected blend of oils, proteins, and ginseng root extract to infuse your hair with moisture, prevent breakage and promote shine, all without leaving behind any oily residue.

Collagen: a natural amino acid that stimulates hair growth by assisting in cell renewal for stronger, more flexible hair.

Tamanu oil: long-cherished by french Polynesian women for its nourishing and moisturizing qualities to add shine and improve hair health.

Made in Canada


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