Checho, Ethiopia | 300g


Tasting Profile & Structure

Golden Raisin | Lavender | Nectarine | Elegant: delicate, nuanced

How do we feel about this coffee?
It feels like a fresh bunch of lavender on your bedside table, biting into a crisp, juicy nectarine on a warm day at the park, and homemade marmalade on french toast.

Coffee Story

In the beautifully sparse and pastoral Western region of the renowned Keffa Zone near Bita, this community lot of local landraces are grown by neighbouring smallholder farmers who bring their freshly picked coffee cherry to Dinkalem Adema’s washing station to be processed. Our inspiring importing partner Catalyst Trade has been a long-time partner of Dinkalem Adema, who aspires to produce some beautiful coffee and to provide a unique venue across all his sites in Keffa for everyone nearby to add value and have more opportunities. Once freshly picked, the coffee cherry is transported manually to the station, where it is processed naturally.

Origin Bita, Keffa Zone, Ethiopia
Variety Local Landraces
Process Natural
Producer Various
Farm Various
Altitude 1880 to 2000 MASL
Washing Station Dinkalem Adema

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