Businde Burundi 300g


The Businde washing station is a Cup of Excellence winning station located in the hills of the northern province of Kayanza, close to the Rwandan border. The coffee is grown by local farming families that are part of the Twa community, one of the least populated ethnic groups in Rwanda and Burundi after Hutu and Tutsi's. This station has a broad reach to local coffee farmers, processing the cherry of up to 650 local farming families. Businde's producers received a premium of 20% above the local market rate this season. As a station, Businde pays its staff almost 60% above the rate for casual labour in Burundi. To assist with the dispersing of coffee pulp, Matraco distributes this compost as fertilizer to help the farmers nearby. Alongside this, they assist with local farmers' yields by donating seedlings to their farms. Washed coffees are fermented for 12 hours in traditional styling. They're pulped at night, left in open-air ceramic tanks overnight, and cleaned and washed in the morning. They also go through a serpentine channel that sorts and separates by density. It is then left for approximately 20 days to dry on raised beds with consistent movement and rotations.

Origin Kayanza, Burundi
Variety Red Bourbon
Process Washed
Producer Zuberi Matsitsi of Matraco (Matsitsi Trading Co)
Altitude 1600 to 1700 MASL
Washing Station Businde

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