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This coffee was a joint effort by Fazenda da Serra and Fazenda Monte Verde in the Sul de Minas region. Brazil's coffee market is somewhat unregulated so it can be a challenging region for traceability. We are fortunate to have partnered with a supplier whose family owns a farm that produces excellent coffee.

Danielle Fonseca and Ana Elisa Inacio de Brito have both been modernizing their respective farms, using sustainable farming techniques to preserve the land for generations to come and improving post-harvest processing methods. Along with our head roaster, Ann, this is truly a story of women in coffee.

Region: Sul de Minas
Producer: Danielle Fonseca & Ana Elisa Inacio de Brito
Importer: Mountain Coffee
Elevation: 900m
Process: Natural
Varietals: Mundo Novo

Reminds us of: A chocolate peanut butter cup.

250g- whole bean

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